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So I’m kinda planning on writing something about certain 1D songs everyday until Four’s released. Though, because I’m doing election work (go vote people!) some days this might just collapse or I might be slightly intoxicated while I write (like tonight).  But I’m gonna try it anyway, since thinking about 1d is a nice destress in the middle of work stress.  So here you have Tell me a Lie.

First off, Tell Me A Lie is such a fun, solid track on Up All Night. Upbeat, perfect for screaming and thrashing around, written by Kelly Clarkson (who now I really want to hear sing it).  Also, as houjirozame pointed out to me, a slightly different view from your typical Kelly Clarkson break up song (at least compared to her singles) because the narrator is more broken up by the circumstances than fully angry and upset.  Which is also intersteing because the stereotype for male break-up response is not broken-ness (see Strong and this Gavin DeGraw quote)

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wow, okay so maybe I’m looking in the wrong place but the amount of kpop fanfic online is really disappointing? And like, more than half of it is self-insert? I just…can someone help me? Please?


Somehow I have been unaware of the sheer amount of kissing going on in kpop. I blame the fact that I’ve avoided kpop fansites.

But now. naega-star has ruined that.

And I can’t


there’s so much kissing


how does this happen

pretty boys kissing onstage for fun

h e l p i am w e a k


Philadelphia - 8/14


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